Our Services

Appraisal of Documents

  • Our legal expert will review the documents and provide recommendations for their classification.
  • Analyses of the documents will be conducted to support this process.
Power of Attorney

  • We offer our legal services to facilitate the transfer of property for sale or litigation.
  • This involves drafting the deed with our input and registering it with the relevant authority.
Legal Opinion

  • Our legal experts review relevant documents to ensure properties are sold or bought legally.
  • Documents are amassed and forwarded to our permitted specialist team.
Rental/Legal Agreement

  • We propose that landlords be granted permission to rent and that our legal expert be tasked with drafting the corresponding agreement.
  • If necessary, we also provide registration services with the relevant authority.
Sale Agreement

  • We propose a property agreement to be drafted by our legal expert for the buyer intending to purchase from the seller for a predetermined period of time.
  • It protects the buyer if the property is not delivered by the seller.


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Our legal services include the following:

  • Appraisal of Documents
  • Power of Attorney
  • Legal Opinion
  • Rental/Legal Agreement
  • Sale Agreement

The legal coordination process usually takes 15 to 30 business days.

Yes. Trustmax Properties Pvt Ltd follows a strict legal procedure and ensures that all legal documents prepared by our legal team are legally binding.

Trustmax Properties Pvt Ltd has implemented processes to safeguard your data and ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information entered into the system. Agents are also required to fill out all required fields on the Listing Information Form and the Property Information Form.

Services such as purchasing, selling, dealing with court cases involving the developer, renting properties, pre-possession activities, house eviction, resolving disputes, and more are available on demand, without any specific frequency.

All legal support services are given through senior maximum legal expert specialists in the respective center field, The opinion given may be utilized in any courtroom docket of law.

Yes, the service manager and coordinator will be assigned to you with their contact details.

Certainly, we have highly experienced senior legal professionals who are well-established in their respective districts. We work closely with them to ensure efficient coordination and delivery of legal services.